Description: A hot and humid waterfall. It is a popular tourist attraction.
Location: North of Tropic Jungle
Region: Rikoto
Generations: WTI
Location of Tropic in Rikoto.
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Cascade Waterfalls is a big waterfall that can be accessed from Tropic Jungle. It is at the end of the path.

It has one Cryodro.


Cascade waterfalls is a very large waterfall with little islands situated in the middle. It branches off into three parts. At the top of Cascade Waterfalls is one big waterfall. On your first visit, if you have Surf and Waterfall, you can go up the waterfalls and find a wild Cryodro.

Also, Bailey will appear here on your first visit, so you need to come here to fight the 6th gym.


There are no items in Cascade Waterfalls.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
CryodroMini Cryodro
Bag Premier Ball Sprite Only one
45 One


There are no trainers in Cascade Waterfalls.

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