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Evolutionary stones are special stones that make a Pokemon evolve. They can be obtained in various locations. As well as the usual 10 evolutionary stones from the main series, Solar Light & Lunar Dark adds four more.

Stone Guide

This is an (incomplete) list of which Pokemon evolve using which stone.

Fire Stone

  • Flawk -> Legenix
  • Grizzler -> Magrizzly
  • Baawool -> Baablaze

Leaf Stone

  • Bushup -> Bushairy
  • Guppish -> Eqwater
  • Baawool -> Baabush
  • Woodbeak -> Woodawn

Water Stone

  • Shrubsea♀ -> Kahula
  • Weedsea♀ -> Kelpula
  • Baawool -> Baabble


  • Zuppy -> Rushot

Sun Stone

  • Ecobuzz -> Signileaf

Moon Stone

  • Moonky -> Lunape
  • Beopup -> Werehide (It must hold the stone at night and be levelled up)

Dawn Stone

  • Guppish -> Seagic
  • Parafox -> Spirix

Dusk Stone

  • Spooker -> Scarerie
  • Hollowkin -> Rottoween

Shiny Stone

  • Merkid♀ -> Mermarine
  • Merkid♂ -> Mersidon

Air Stone

  • Nimblow -> Cirribus
  • Guppish -> Glydfin
  • Baawool -> Baabreeze
  • Cycrill -> Syphoon

Mystic Stone

  • Phoxy -> Phoxiven
  • Trollerk -> Trollger

Cold Stone

  • Guppish -> Orcail
  • Baawool -> Baablizz
  • Subearo -> Polarpow

Solid Stone

  • Baawool -> Baablock


The Everstone does not evolve a Pokemon, but rather prevents a Pokemon from evolving. However, it's still considered an evolutionary stone.

Stone Locations

Stone Vendor

The Stone Vendor is in Greenpine City.







Other stones are only available through the Stone Vendor!

Locations WIP

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