This is a list of TM and HM locations in Rikoto.

No. Move Location
09 Venoshock Goopool Swamp, Cut, Surf
10 Hidden Power Brushus Town
11 Sunny Day Wild Plains
13 Ice Beam Sailport Town
18 Rain Dance Route 13
22 Solar Beam Tropic Jungle
31 Brick Break Fallrock Valley
38 Fire Blast Mount Highpoint
39 Rock Tomb Thundrome Cave
45 Attract Lake Bliss
50 Overheat Wild Plains
53 Energy Ball Cycling Path
55 Brine Rainbow Reef
58 Sky Drop Whisper Tunnel
70 Flash Thundrome Pass
71 Stone Edge Ancient Pass
75 Swords Dance Tropic Jungle
78 Bulldoze Goldune Desert
79 Frost Breath Frosthail Forest
86 Grass Knot Weedsea sidequest, Docking Port
93 Wild Charge Wild Plains
96 Headbutt Serpentine City
97 Fever Prize for beating Donna
98 Dark Matter Prize for beating Damon
99 Lightning Strike Prize for beating Electra
100 Quicksand Prize for beating Dustin
101 Bug Bomb Blackleaf Woods
102 Solar Claw Prize for beating Amber
103 Leaf Darts Prize for beating Bailey
104 Frost Claw Prize for beating Alice
105 Ripple Wave Prize for beating Wade
HM01 Cut Donna's father, Serpentine City
HM02 Fly Prize for beating Beacon, Coralite Town
HM03 Surf From Prof. Pinewood in Waytide City
HM04 Strength From Hiker in Goldune City
HM05 Waterfall From Keira in Greenpine City
HM06 Dive Not available yet

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