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The Rock type is one of the eighteen types. A Notable Trainer who specializes in Rock-Type Pokémon is Rocco, a member of the Elite 4.

Battle properties

Offensive RockIC Big Defensive
Power Types   Power Types
BugIC Big
FireIC Big
FlyingIC Big
IceIC Big
½× FireIC Big
FlyingIC Big
NormalIC Big
PoisonIC Big
½× FightingIC Big
GroundIC Big
SteelIC Big
FightingIC Big
GrassIC Big
GroundIC Big
SteelIC Big
WaterIC Big
None None


There are 37 Rock-type Pokémon in the Rikoto Dex, which is 10.05% of all Pokémon (counting forms that change typing as different Pokémon).

Rock-type Pokémon

Pure Rock-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#085   GolkidMini Golkid Rock Rock
#086   GolemoMini Golemo Rock Rock
#087   GolossusMini Golossus Rock Rock
#242   DaileoMini Daileo Rock Rock

Half Rock-type Pokémon

Primary Rock-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#034   StotoxMini Stotox Rock Poison
#035   BouldoxMini Bouldox Rock Poison
#036   ToxitoneMini Toxitone Rock Poison
#118   RexiteMini Rexite Rock Fire
#119   TarexiteMini Tarexite Rock Fire
#120   StegronMini Stegron Rock Electric
#121   StegajoltMini Stegajolt Rock Electric
#164   TortarockMini Tortarock Rock Ground
#165   BouldoiseMini Bouldoise Rock Ground
#195   GatorockMini Gatorock Rock Water
#368   GemmanyMini Gemmany Rock Fairy

Secondary Rock-type Pokémon

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#002   ForestoneMini Forestone Grass Rock
#003   MountreeMini Mountree Grass Rock
#125   SkrabbleMini Skrabble Bug Rock
#126   JeweltalMini Jeweltal Bug Rock
#138   EclipoMini Eclipo Psychic Rock
#139   EclipserMini Eclipser Psychic Rock
#143   MoostoneMini Moostone Normal Rock
#158   HottopMini Hottop Fire Rock
#159   FizireMini Fizire Fire Rock
#160   VolcadonMini Volcadon Fire Rock
#189   RocksterMini Rockster Water Rock
#220   CorrineMini Corrine Water Rock
#221   CoralushMini Coralush Water Rock
#222   CoraltleMini Coraltle Water Rock
#223   GravoleMini Gravole Ghost Rock
#224   SpecstoneMini Specstone Ghost Rock
#232   BaabouldMini Baabould Normal Rock
#253   CosmetMini Cosmet Electric Rock
#254   MeterockMini Meterock Electric Rock
#317   BlocoldMini Blocold Ice Rock
#318   RockoldMini Rockold Ice Rock
#319   ArctidonMini Arctidon Ice Rock

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