Route 9
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description
A coastal route with palm trees and a few sandcastles.
[[|Route 9 Gym]] - Rikoto Gym #{{{gymno}}}
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Champion [[{{{champion}}}|{{{champion}}}]]
Required for navigation
Bag HM Normal Sprite Cut
Bag HM Water Sprite Surf
Bag HM Normal Sprite Strength
Bag HM Normal Sprite Flash
Bag HM Flying Sprite Defog
Bag HM Water Sprite Whirlpool
24px Rock Smash
Bag HM Water Sprite Waterfall
Bag HM Water Sprite Dive
Bag HM Normal Sprite Rock Climb
Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle
24px Mach Bike
24px Acro Bike
24px Go-Goggles
Connecting locations
Waytide City
Route 9
Goopool Swamp
Route 8
Location of Route 9 in Rikoto.
Routes in Rikoto
Route 8       Route 10

Route 9 is the ninth route in Rikoto. It is connected to Route 8 in the south, to Waytide City in the west and to Goopool Swamp in the east.

Route Description

Route 8 is a beach route which connects Route 8 with Waytide City. There are a lot of palm trees and coastal grass. Some sand castles were built by kids.

When the player doesn't yet have Surf, the only way to access Route 9 is with Sammy's boat from Docking Port.


Item Location
Bag X Defense Sprite X Defense Above Waytide City stairs, to right.
Bag Hyper Potion Sprite Hyper Potion Path behind tree (use Cut)
Bag Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal End of path behind tree (use Cut)
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite Sitrus Berry In front of the Berry tree at the begginig of the path (use Cut) (regenerates after 1 days)
Bag Grn Apricorn Sprite Green Apricorn (2x) End of path behind tree (use Cut)
Bag Pnk Apricorn Sprite Pink Apricorn (2x) End of path behind tree (use Cut)
Bag Wht Apricorn Sprite White Apricorn (2x) End of path behind tree (use Cut)


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
WeedseaMini Weedsea
Grass Grass
27-29 25%
ShrubseaMini Shrubsea
Grass Grass
27-29 25%
TortarockMini Tortarock
Grass Grass
27-29 20%
CrablueMini Crablue
Grass Grass
27-29 20%
SurfideMini Surfide
Grass Grass
27-29 10%
BudcherpMini Budcherp
Headbutt Headbutt
30 60%
MawclawMini Mawclaw
Headbutt Headbutt
30 40%


Trainer Pokémon
Swimmer Ian


CrablueMini Crablue Lv.30
No item
SurfideMini Surfide Lv.30
No item
Swimmer Tara


WeedseaMini Weedsea Lv.30
No item
ShrubseaMini Shrubsea Lv.30
No item
Swimmer Ference


SurfideMini Surfide Lv.30
No item
SurfideMini Surfide Lv.30
No item
Tuber Ryan

Reward: 40

TortarockMini Tortarock Lv.31
No item
Tuber Tialda

Reward: 40

CrablueMini Crablue Lv.31
No item
Swimmer Ilona


CrablueMini Crablue Lv.30
No item
Finflip Lv.30
No item


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Greenpine City Gym (Bailey) • Subhail City Gym (Alice) • Waytide City Gym (Wade)

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